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Tolani Baj is a Nigerian actress, YouTube star and also a former big brother naijja member, she is among the influential female influencers in the country she has gain the attention of many young people in the country.

There is no doubt that Tolani Baj has made a lot of achievements  from what she does,, she learn to sponsor her life since from day one and also she has been in the entertainment business close to a decades.

If we are to count the top 50 female influencers in Nigeria we are definitely going to include Tolani Baj in them. She is probably among the best

A lot of Tolani Baj fans are curious about her net worth, they all want to know how much does she has, well when it comes to money or net worth we can Tolani Baj is a bit rich and this is because she lives a flamboyant lifestyle.

In this content we are writing down all of Tolani Baj earnings and we are going to declare her net worth. Bear in mind that our net worth is more of a prediction we only evaluate what we know on the magazines and on the internet and we declare net worth.

so lets get to Tolani Baj net worth

Net worth$42,000
SourceEndorsement Deals

Tolani Baj Biography

before we start calculating Tolani Baj net worth let’s look at her biography and entertainment career

Tolani Baj real name is Tolani Shogo she was born on the 25th of October 1993 right now she is over 27 years old.

Tolani Baj isn’t just an influencer or an actress but also she an CEO she is the sole owner of 234nextgen a company for modeling and event planning.

Also Tolani Baj is among the few celebrities that didn’t grow in Nigerian she started her entertainment career in the United States of America, though her main purposed to going there is to obtain a bachelor degree.

After she has finished her studies in the United States of America she gets the opportunity of getting a job in the country, she once worked with the universal music group in the United States of America.

But later on she was sacked from the job and that’s when he moved back to Nigerian.

After her return to Nigeria she started Youtubing, he started uploading her vlogs on the internet with the hope she could get a job from any entertainment brand. Luckily she was be able to work with some top entertainment brands in the country,

Some of these entertainment brands include Tooxclusive, Pulsetv and Aristokrat Records.

Let’s dive into Tolani Baj net worth

Sometimes it’s very hard to predict the net worth of local influencer in Nigerian and this is because they don’t make a lot from the internet and their source of wealth and income isn’t exposed to the internet.

before we dive into Tolani Baj net worth lets tell you the means by which she makes money Tolani Baj source of income comes from the YouTube channel she has and the endorsement deals she makes.

So the best way to know her net worth is to make a rough estimate of how much did she makes from the endorsement deals and her YouTube channel. Combining the results from both sides will give us her net worth

Tolani Baj YouTube earnings

Like said earlier one of the major way by which Tolani Baj makes money is through her YouTube channel, we all know that YouTube is an online streaming platform that pays users for uploading their content.

So to know Tolani Baj net worth we must know how much is she making from the videos she has been uploading on her YouTube channel? We have made a big research regarding Tolani Baj YouTube channel and we came up with reasonable information

Youtube normally pay via advertisement they put ad in your video and whenever people watches the ad you get paid for that. Normally YouTube pays anywhere from $0.002 to $0.005 per video view depending on the nature of the video..

So let’s check Tolani Baj YouTube channel according to a source on the internet Tolani Baj YouTube channel has the total number of 6 million video views and close to 100,000 subscribers and the number keeps increasing massively every single month.

So 4 million video views on monetizing these views it will be estimate revenue of $6,000 that’s N2.4 million in naira

Well that’s a lot.

Now that we have known how much Tolani Baj makes from her YouTube channel let’s see how much did she makes from the endorsement deals that she gets

Tolani Baj endorsement deals

Like said earlier endorsement deals is another means by which tolani baj makes some extra cash, so to determine Tolani Baj net worth we need to include all the money she makes from endorsement deals.

So the question here is how many endorsement deals does Tolani Baj gets in the years of her career and how much did she make from each of the endorsement deals? Well no one can tell that we can only make a rough estimate.

According to the observation made below are the list of brands that Tolani Baj have had endorsement deals in the years of her career.

  1. Affordiesnaija
  2. Payporte
  3. Jennyglownigeria
  4. Royal hair
  5. Hairfy

According to the internet the above mention brands are the only brands that Tolani Baj have has endorsement deals with in the years of her career.

So the question here is how much did she make from each of these endorsement deals?? Normally Nigerian influencer earn anywhere from N1 to N5 million Naira per endorsement deal depending on the nature of the brand.

So if we are to make a rough estimate of how much did she makes from these five endorsement deals it will be an estimated income of N15 million ($37,5000)

Well that’s a lot.

now that we have known how much Tolani Baj  makes from both her YouTube channel and endorsement deal it’s time we make an ending to the content by telling Tolani Baj net worth.

Tolani Baj Net worth 2021

Tolani Baj net worth in 2021 is estimated at around $42,500 (N17.4 million naira) she is among the few influencers that get the opportunity to bag 5 endorsement deals from different brands in the country.  Also Tolani Baj once works with universal music group in the United States of America.

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