Nancy Isime Net worth (Updated 2021)

Nancy Isime is a Nigerian actress and also a former model, she is among the fast rising actresses in Nigerian movie industry, her acting talents have made her achieve fame and publicity not just in Nigeria but also in some countries in Africa.

There is no doubt that Nancy Isime has a great skill when it comes to acting movies, right now she is among the exploding celebrities in the Nollywoood industry, she is currently taking over the Nollywood industry.

Nancy Isime is among the new actresses in the Nigeria movie industry, she joined the acting business and in 2011 and by 2015 she was able to gain recognition in the Nollywood industry.

Most people in the Nollywood industry are curious about Nancy Isime net worth; they all want to know how much does she makes from the acting business.

In this content we are going to evaluate all of Nancy Isime earnings in the entertainment industry and we are going to declare her net worth. Bear in mind that our net worth is more of a prediction we only evaluate what we know some has and we declare net worth.

Net worth$67,000

Nancy Isime Biography and Net worth

Nancy Isime was born and raised in the city of Edo state; she was born on the 17th of December 1991 right now she is over 29 years old.

Nancy Isime has been acting movies for the Nollywood industry since 2015 but she didn’t get to achieve fame and publicity until 2021. She started her entertainment career as a model.

She has worked with different brand in Nigerian and she has achieve a lot from that in 2011 she quit modeling and she decided to join the movie making industry.

When it comes to net worth Nancy Isime isn’t that  super rich compared to  her age mate in the Nollywood industry and this is because she haven’t got her big break yet.

Based on all the researches made on the internet we found that Nancy Isime has two means by which she earns money in her entertainment career, the first one is through the movie she act and the other one is through endorsement deals.

So let’s jump into Nancy Isime net worth

Nancy Isime endorsement deals

Endorsement deals are the perfect means by which every entertainer makes a dose of profit from what he or she does. They promote brands in exchange for money.

So let’s check Nancy Isime endorsement deals according to the researches  we made on the internet we found a magazines that claim that she once had and endorsement with a brand called “Makari Nigeria”.

So the question here is how much does she makes from this endorsement deals?? Well no one can say exactly how much she makes from these endorsement deal, we can only make a rough estimate.

Nigerian celebrities earn anywhere from N1 million to N5 million naira per endorsement deal depending on the nature. So if we are to make a rough estimate of how much did she make from a single endorsement deals it will be an estimated revenue of N3 million.

Nancy Isime Nollywood earning

Another means by which Nancy Isime makes money is through the movie she acts for production company in the Nollywood industry, so to complete her  net worth we need to include all the earnings that she makes from the movie she has been acting.

According to Nancy Isime profile in Wikipedia we have found out that’s she has acted the total number of 32 Nigerian movies and none of these movies are tv shows or series, so let’s see how much did she makes from the 32 Nigerian movies.

Normally the Nigerian movie industry pays anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 per movie  depending on the nature of the movie, so if we are to make a rough estimate of how much did he makes from theses 23 movies it will be an estimated revenue of $64,000 well that’s allot.

So according to the researches made all in total she has made over $67,000 in the years  of her career in the entertainment industry. With this we can conclude by revealing her net worth.

Nancy Isime net worth 2021

Nancy Isime net worth is estimated at around $67,000 Nancy Isime is also among the few actresses in the Nigeria movie industry that get to bag an endorsement deal. She once had an endorsement deals with “Makari Nigeria”.

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