Nela Zisser Net worth

Nela Zisser is a New Zealand actress, model and also a YouTube star she is among the well-known model in New Zealand, she once won Miss Earth in 2013. in this content we are going to determine Nela zisser Net worth

Also Nela Zisser is an eater and she participate a lot in competitive eating , the young lady have attracted a lot of people to what she does and she earn a living from her hobby

Nela Zisser has been into eating competitions since when she was just 21 years old and now she is 28 years old.

There are a lot of query about Nela Zisser net worth, many people across the globe want to know how much does his young lady makes from what she does.

Well when it comes to net worth Nela Zisser isn’t that super rich compared to other model, Nela Zisser is just a young lady trying to make her hobby a steady job.

Net worth$279,000
Source of incomeYouTube

Let’s dive in

Nela Zisser Biography

Before we dive into Nela Zisser net worth we need to first look at her lifestyle and family background to get a complete scope of who she is

Nela Zisser was born and raised in Christchurch in New Zealand she was born on the 6th of June 1992 right now she is over 28  years old

Nela Zisser started her modeling career when she was just sixteen years old and by eighteen she was able to gain some recognition and what she does

Nela Zisser didn’t have a standard education, there is now record of her attending or graduating from any university, even her profile on Wikipedia shows she didn’t attend any college.

Though there is a magazine on the internet that claim that she was once a medical student but they didn’t mention where is she schooling exactly and at the end the magazines concluded that she is a dropout.

Nela Zisser has been to different competition, she once worn the Miss earth in 2013 and currently she is into eating competition.

In this content we are going to tell Nela Zisser net worth by simply evaluating what she earns.

You might be wondering how does Nela Zisser makes money in what she does, Nela Zisser earns her money via two means the first one is through her YouTube channel while the second one is through the Business she does.

So let’s jump into Nela Zisser Net worth

Nela Zisser YouTube Earnings

We all know that YouTube is a very big platform where videos are watched every single day and thousands of dollars keeps going to content creator every single day.

In short YouTube pays it users for uploading videos online, whenever someone gets hundred or millions of views on his YouTube channel then he can earn a living from that.

Normally YouTube pays via advertisement, they put ads in your video and whenever someone watch or click on the ads you get paid for that. So let’s check how much does Nela Zisser made from her YouTube channel so far.

We have contacted a website that tracks the amount of money that YouTube channel make at real time and they are able to give us Nela Zisser earnings starts on YouTube, according to the website Nela Zisser YouTube channel has over 260,000 subscribers and over 35 million video views.

According to the earnings stats that was given to us it shows that the YouTube channel has generated $79, 500.

The report makes sense and this is because on average YouTube pays anywhere from $0.002 to $0.005 per view depending on the location of the viewers.

Now that we have known how much does Nela Zisser makes from the videos she has been uploading on the internet it’s time to check how much she is making from the business that she does.

Putting the two results together can give Nela Zisser net worth.

Nela Zisser Business

You might be wondering what business Nela Zisser does apart from the videos that she has been making on YouTube.

Well Nela Zisser is just a young lady who is trying to make her hobby a steady job she was able to make money through eating food. Nela Zisser owns a restaurants and I think she mentioned this in one of her video.

The young lady owned a medium restaurant in Auckland in New Zealand; so the main question here is how much does she makes from this restaurant??? Well no one can tell that because it’s anonymous.

The only think we can do is to make a rough estimate of how much does the restaurant worth; according to the research made we found out that the cost of starting a medium size restaurant in New Zealand ranges from $200,000 to $400,000.

Based on research made we are going to assume that Nela Zisser restaurant worth $200,000 and with this we can be able to make an ending to the content by telling Nela Zisser net worth.

Also bear in mind that here on Naija Net worth we tell net worth with prove, we don’t just say things without conducting research, we evaluate what we know someone has and we declare net worth.

Nela Zisser Net worth 2021

Nela Zisser net worth 2021 is estimated at around $279,500 despite the money that she has been making from her YouTube channel she also own a  small sized restaurant which is located in Auckland in New Zealand.

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