Destiny Boy Net Worth and Biography

What is Destiny Boy Net Worth? According to this website Destiny Boy net worth is estimated at around $40 thousand Us Dollars (Over 16 million in Naira) Destiny Boy is among the Nigeria young talented Musician mixing Hip-hop with his Fuji tone. He is known to be a very youthful and successful man.

However in this article we are reviewing Destiny Boy Bio, Wikipedia, Parents, Father, Children, Endorsement deals, State Of Origin, Height, Net Worth, House and Cars, Phone Number, Contact, Marriage, Wife/Spouse, Education career, Social Media Account, Controversies, Record Label.

Destiny Boy Net Worth

Let dive into Destiny Boy net worth

Net worth $40,000
Source Comedienne & Endorsement Deals



Destiny Boy (Afeez Adeshina) a Nigerian Musician mixing Hip-hop with his Fuji tone was born in Agege, Lagos State, Nigeria, on June 24, 2004. He is his mother and father’s only child, and he is known to be a very youthful and successful man.

Destiny Boy Biography

Afeez Adesina Musically known as Destiny Boy, grew up in one of the most undeveloped areas of Lagos Nigeria. He was born on June 24 in Agege and to date, he is the only child of his parents.

Agege is one area that is notable for teenage violence in Nigeria because a lot of cultism and street rage emancipates from there. During the Corona Virus Lockdown in 2020, there was a “1 Million Boys” squad on a rampage that seemed unstoppable even by the Nigerian Government. Guess what? The bulk of the boys in this squad are from Agege.

However, there is always a light at the end of every dark tunnel you come across. Agege is the same place a lot of Fuji musicians in Nigeria grew up and our very own Small Doctor; a former bus conductor who recently acquired a G-Wagon is a perfect example of recent Agege superstar production.

Destiny boy had both his primary and secondary school education in schools around the Agege area and for a boy that started singing Fuji at the age of 7, we are not sure if he completed his secondary school education before facing music full time.

Destiny Boy Career

Destiny Boy’s music career can be said to just be a pure passion for music and having the right people around to push that dream. He started singing at social events and gatherings with his friends at the age of 7. An action that would have seemed very disgraceful in the eyes of ‘poor class’ Nigerian parents.

However, his parents didn’t bother him so much with the line of the hobby he picked up.

He later started going to the popular T2 Boys Studios of Agege, these are the same guys that produced most of Small Doctor’s hit song back in the day and also many popular street songs from Agege.

Destiny Boy picked up another hustle of doing a pre-performance for one of the Fuji Kings in Nigeria; Alabi Pasuma at shows and this was how Destiny Boy was able to financially sustain his music career and gain more popularity amongst the music cult following in Nigeria.

Destiny Boy then figured out a twist to his Fuji talent. This was a young boy that listened to a lot of afro-beats songs in circulation while Fuji was his real passion. He mixed the two parts to start something new. Something nobody had consistently done in Nigeria.

Destiny Boy would make a Fuji remix of hit songs and release them as skits to the public via social media. Destiny Boy became a music innovator just at the age of 9!.

Destiny Boy blew up at the point when he remixed Davido’s “IF” song. The song went viral then and even Davido acknowledged the performance by inviting Destiny Boy over and they had lunch. We all know how welcoming Davido is, irrespective of financial backgrounds and position on the social ladder. I still believe this is why Davido Net worth would forever keep climbing up the ladder.

Destiny Boy Profile

  •  Real Name: Afeez Adesina
  •  Stage Name: Destiny Boy
  •  Date of Birth: June 24, 2004
  •  Occupation: Musician
  •  Age: 18 years
  •  Location: Agege, Lagos Nigeria
  •  Net worth: $40,000
  •  Source: Music

Destiny Boy Educational Background

It was not sure if Destiny Boy finishes his secondary school education before he venturing fully well into his music career.

Destiny Boy Marital Status

This young talented musician is not said to be in any relationship by now, it was said that he is still a young musician trying to face his career.

Destiny Boy Top Songs

  •  Kojo ft C-Blvck
  •  Hustle O
  •  Talo ni kopor
  •  Time is Money
  •  Lamba
  •  Igboro o rerin
  •  Omo Better
  •  Ligali
  • Jogodo

Destiny Boy Properties(Car and House)

Destiny Boy is not said to have a car or house for now, He is just financially advancing with his family on a lowkey. We are happy that this is not another case of a child star squandering money on things that have zero financial rewards in the nearest future.

We have seen prominent Nigerian artists that are now broke today. Most of which was due to very bad financial decisions and reckless lifestyle. Planning for the future these days goes a long way.

I strongly believe that you guys would have being curious to know how much he has made in his career

Destiny Boy Net Worth

This celebrity is said to have a estimated net worth of $40,000 altogether in his music career due to his reserveful life of not spending extravagantly.

Destiny Boy net worth in Naira: is about ₦16,616,000.00 as of 2022.

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