TI Blaze Net Worth (Updated 2022)

What is TI Blaze net worth? According to us TI Blaze net worth is estimated at around $150,000 (N70 Million Naira) he is currently counted among the upcoming artist in the Nigeria entertainment industry


TI Blaze is a Nigerian singer and also a song writer he is among the upcoming singers in the Nigerian entertainment industry, he has been making waves lately in 2021.

There is no doubt that this singer has a big talent when it comes to making music; his music is heard not only in Nigeria but all over West Africa. He was built a huge fan based all over Nigerian.

According to his social media account he has close to a million followers people even claim that he will be the new Zinoleesky in the music industry.

Been an upcoming singer a lot of people keep asking for TI Blaze net worth and that’s why we made a decision to write this content. In this content we are going to predict TI Blaze net worth by evaluating all that he makes in the music industry.

TI Blaze isn’t listed among the richest singers in the Nigerian industry but he has a great life just like many other singers out there.

So let’s dive

Net worth$150,000

TI Blaze Biography and Net worth

Before we get to his net worth lets first look at his biography and entertainment career first

TI Blaze was born and raised in the city of Ogun state in Nigeria the veteran singer was born on the 16th of February 2000 which means he is just 22 years old.

TI Blaze started his music career in 2013 when he was a high school he didn’t get to achieve fame and success until 2021 when the veteran singer Olamide sang with him.

The main reason why we write this content is to determine his net worth so let’s not waste much time here on his biography

Before we get to TI Blaze net worth we will to tell you the two means by which he makes money in the music industry. He makes money via streams and YouTube channel. According to our team TI Blaze haven’t bags any endorsement deal in the years of his career.

So let’s dive in

TI Blaze income from streams and YouTube

This is the major way by which TI Blaze makes money in the entertainment industry he gets a lot of money whenever he released a new music or music video. TI Blaze is currently among the upcoming singers in the music industry and he didn’t get his big break yet.

So to know TI Blaze net worth we must know how much he has been making in the years of his music career. According to the sources on the internet it was reported that singers make $2 for every 1,000 streams that they get depending on the nature of the music.

To know how much TI Blaze makes from streams all we need is to know how many streams did he make in the years of his career and so the math how much he has make all in total.

According to apple music and spotify it was reported that TI Blaze has the total number of 62 million streams globally. So if you do the math you will see that he has made over $124, from all the streams that he has been getting.

So let’s check his YouTube channel and see what we can find.

According to his YouTube analytics it shows that he has over 20 million video views and on monetizing these video views he has made over $30,000 which is a lot of money.

Now that we have known how much TI Blaze has made from all the streams that he gets and also the music video he gets on YouTube its time we make an ending to this content by telling his net worth.

TI Blaze Net worth 2022

TI Blaze net worth is estimated at around $150,000 (N70 Million Naira) he is currently counted among the upcoming artist in the Nigeria entertainment industry

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