Sydney Talker Net worth (2021)

Sydney Talker's net worth in 2021 is estimated at around $20,500 (N8 million naira) he is among the fast-growing comedians in the country, he has over 100

Sydney Talker is a Nigerian comedian, content creator, and also YouTube star, he is among the fast-growing comedians in the country. His comedy skits are played in every corner of the nation.

Sydney Talker is best known as “Towel Guy” and this is because when he started acting his comedy for the first time he used to wear a towel on his shoulders. Sydney Talker is just a little kid that gets the opportunity to achieve fame and success at an early age.

Also, Sydney Talker is also among the unknown duo of comedians who are fast-growing in the country. He is surrounded by comedians just like him.

there are a lot of people that keep asking for Sydney Talker net worth many people want to know how much the young comedian makes from what he does well when it comes to making money Sydney Talker isn’t that rich as you might think but he has a better life

In this context, we are going to determine Sydney Talker’s net worth by simply evaluating all of his income. Bear in mind that we only evaluate what we know he has and declares his net worth.

Sometimes it’s very hard to predict the net worth of local celebrities and this is because their means of earnings isn’t exposed that much on the internet. Normally Sydney Talker sources income from his YouTube channel and the endorsement deals he gets.

Let’s Dive in Sydney Talker net worth

Net Worth$20, 500
Source Of IncomeYoutube

Sydney Talker Biography

Before we start calculating Sydney Talker net worth we need to take a look at his biography and his entertainment career

Sydney Talker was born and raised in the city of Edo, he was born on the 12th of October 1995 right now he is over 25 years old.

Sydney Talker has a good educational background unlike many comedians in the country; he is currently a student at the University of Benin. He was supposed to graduate from the university but until today there are no photos of him graduating from the university.

This shows that he takes his comedy career seriously than his education.  Sydney Talker Was raised up by his mom.

His father divorced his mom when he was just a little boy. According to an interview made with Sydney Talker talker, he stated that “he was a funny guy since the first day he came to the earth, and been a comedian has always been his dream”. Sydney Talker started his comedy career in 2015 and by 2016 he was able to achieve fame and success in what he does.

Sydney Talker was discovered through a comedy he acted called “the poor power supply” the comedy skit went viral all over the internet and that’s when he got discovered.

like said earlier the main reason why we wrote this content is to determine Sydney Talker’s net worth and income so let’s not waste much time here on his biography.

Sydney Talker has made lose to a fortune from what he does, by merely looking at the places where he makes his video you can see that he earns a lot of money from what he does.

Let’s dive into Sydney Talker net worth

But before we dive into Sydney Talker’s net worth let’s first tell you the means by which he generates his income.

Basically, Sydney Talker has two means by which he earns money the first one is his YouTube channel while the second one is via endorsement deals, though it was said that Sydney Talker is a huge investor in the cryptocurrency which shows that he makes a lot.

So let’s look at Sydney Talker income

Sydney Talker House

Sydney Talker doesn’t have any house, he stays in a rental apartment with his friends in Lagos based on the comedy skits that he does it shows that he lives inside an expensive apartment in Lagos.

So does Sydney Talker’s house count to his net worth??? Well, the answer is no and this is because here on this website we don’t put assets into somebody’s net worth.

So let’s get into Sydney Talker net worth 

Sydney Talker endorsement deals

In Nigerian, there are hundreds of brands that spend millions on endorsement deals and almost all of the millions go to entertainers. To determine Sydney Talker’s net worth we need to include all of the endorsement deals that he gets.

Based on the observation made on his social media handle he has had only one endorsement deal in the years of his career. And it’s a social media endorsement. He made an endorsement for OctaFX a cryptocurrency brand.

So the question here is how much did he make from the endorsement??? Well, no one can say exactly how much he makes we can only make a rough estimate.

Normally Nigerian celebrity earns anywhere from N1 to N15million per endorsement depending on the popularity of the celebrity. So if we are to predict how much he makes from this endorsement will probably be an estimated income of N7 million.

Sydney Talker YouTube earnings

At times it’s very difficult to know the net worth of some local entertainers and this is because their means of earnings is always hidden from what they do unlike some celebrities in Nigeria.

If you browse for Sydney Talker’s net worth on the internet, you will see tons of results with a different number of net worth.

Here on this website, we make calculations before we declare people’s net worth.

So let’s calculate Sydney Talker net worth on YouTube,

Another means by which Sydney Talker makes money is via his YouTube channel, we all know that YouTube channel pays its users for uploading videos, and people make a lot of money from that.

So let check the Sydney Talker YouTube channel

Sydney Talker YouTube channel has a total number of 3 million video views and over 100,000 subscribers and the number keeps increasing every single day. And Normally YouTube anywhere from $0.002 to $0.005 per video view depending on the video.

So if we are to make a rough of how much did he makes from these video views it will be an estimated income of $3,000.

With the information above we can be able to predict Sydney Talker’s net worth. Based on all the researches made, YouTube and endorsement deals are the only means by which he makes money.

Sydney Talker Net Worth

Sydney Talker’s net worth in 2021 is estimated at around $20,500 (N8 million naira) he is among the fast-growing comedians in the country, he has over 100,000 subscribers on his YouTube Channel.

Sydney Talker Net worth and Cars

Sydney Talker has only one car and that car is a corolla S though there are rumors that he upgraded from a corolla s to a Mercedes Benz. But this doesn’t contribute to his net worth and this is because he makes use of the money he earns to buy cars.

Also according to carmart it was said that Sydney Talker has only one car which is a white Mercedes Benz

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