Pankeeroy Net worth (Updated 2021)

Pankeeroy is a Nigerian comedian, an actor and also a content creator. He is among the instagram comedian that gets to achieve fame and success within a short period of time.

Also Pankeeroy is among the fastest growing comedians in the country he’s comedy skits are played in every corner of the nation. Pankeeroy belongs to an unknown group of comedian who contribute to each other’s content.

Some of the members in the group are Syndney Talker, Nasty Blaq and many more. Most people keep asking for Pankeeroy net worth, some do even argue about it.

Well when it comes to net worth Pankeeroy isn’t that rich as you might think, he is just a little kid who’s trying to earn a living with the little talents he has.

In the content we are going to evaluate all of Pankeeroy earnings and we are going to declare his net worth.

You should always bear in mind that our net worth is more of a prediction we only evaluate what we know someone has and we declare net worth.

Net Worth$10,000
Source of WealthYoutube

Pankeeroy Biography and entertainment career

Pankeeroy was born and raised in the city of Lagos but he is native to Anambra state. Pankeeroy has a bachelor degree he is a computer scientist. Pankeeroy is among the fast growing comedians in the country.

He is among the unknown duo of comedian that is taking over instagram, he is surrounded with comedians just like him. Some of his friends are Nasty Blaq, Sydney Talker, Broda Shaggi and a lot more.

Pankeeroy started acting comedy skits back then in 2015 and by 2018 he was be able to achieve fame and success in what he does. Pankeeroy and his friends were once invited to a concert in Dubai which is hosted by Teni in 2018.

When it comes to net worth; Pankeeroy makes a lot of money from what he does but he isn’t that rich as you might think. He is just a kid who’s trying to earn a living. Pankeeroy source of income comes mainly from endorsement deals

Though he might have another source of income but it isn’t exposed to the public; now some people might think of his YouTube channel, Pankeeroy doesn’t make anything much from his YouTube channel and this is because he has a thin content it.

So let’s dive into Pankeeroy net worth

Pankeeroy endorsement deals

Like said earlier Pankeeroy main source of income comes from endorsement deals he promote brands in exchange for money. So to determine Pankeeroy net worth we need to include all of his endorsement deals.

Based on all the researches made on his social media account below are the list of brands that have had an endorsement deal with Pankeeroy

  1. Swing ttap
  2. Jtech trade

So the question here is how much does he make from this two endorsement deals?? Well the answer to that will be another story entirely and this is because no one can tell exactly how much he made from these two endorsement deals.

We can only make a rough estimate, on average Nigerian comedians earn anywhere from N1million to N5 milllion depending on the brand. So if we are to make a rough estimate from these two endorsement deals it will be an estimated income of N4 million.

Sometimes it’s very hard to predict the net worth of local entertainers in Nigeria and this is because no one can tell exactly where their source of income comes from.

Pankeeroy Net worth (2021)

Pankeeroy net worth in 2021 is estimated at around $10,000 (N4 million) he once had an endorsement deal with a dating brand which is popularly known a Swing Tap.


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