Obi Cubana Net Worth (Updated 2023)

What is Obi Cubana net worth? According to us Obi Cubana net worth is estimated at around $150 Million (N70 Billion Naira) he is the founder of the popular business organization “Cubana Group”


Obi Cubana is a Nigerian businessman and also and also an internet celebrities he is among the famous Nigerian businessmen. He is well known in almost every corner of the nation.

Also is counted among the Nigerian Billionaires he has accumulated a lot of wealth in his business career. Also he is the founder of the popular business group “Cubana Group”

According to magazines on the internet it was reported that Obi Cubana has more than 9 different clubs and hotel across Nigerian. Obi Cubana rose into fame when he lost his mother in 2021 after the pandemic. Millions of money is spent on his mothers’ burial.

Been a successful businessman a lot of people keep asking for Obi Cubana net worth and that’s the main reason why we write this content. In this blog post we are going to evaluate Obi Cubana net worth by calculating every single penny that he makes from all the business that he owns.

So let’s dive in

But before we dive in there is a disclaimer we will like to share, here on this website we only calculate what a businessman has we declare net worthy that’s all nothing more.

Net Worth$150 Million
SourceHotesl and Clubs

Obi Cubana Biography and Net Worth

Before we get to his net worth lets first look at his biography and business career  

Obi Cubana was born and raised in the city of Anambra state but he live in the capital city of Nigeria which is Abuja he was born on the febuary 1975 right now he is over 45 years old.

Also according to Obi Cubana record on the internet it shows that he graduated from the University of Nsukka. Obi Cubana stated his businesses the city of Abuja. According to him he used on worked for a Whiteman in Abuja at his early career.

He stated that at that time he used to sleep with four people in a single room. He started his business when a sum of 1 million naira that the Whiteman gave him when the Whiteman left the country. He and his friends used the money and started “Cubana Group”

The main reason why we write this content is to determine Obi Cubana net worth so let’s not waste much time here on his biography. Let’s dive into his net worth and see what we can find.

Obi Cubana Business and Assets

There is no doubt that Obi Cubana is counted among the richest Igbo people in Nigeria  he rose into fame few years back when he lost his mother.

Obi Cubana is the owner and also the founder of the popular business group “Cubana Group” and he has accumulate a lot in the years of his career, according to him he has uplift a lot of boys in the years of his career. He is responsible for the success of people like Cubana Chief Priest, Abba Bichi and a lot more.

To know Obi Cubana net worth we must know all of the assets that he has plus how much he has been making from all the assets for the past 3 years .well according to the research that our team has conducted below are the list of business and assets that Obi Cubana has.

  1. Rolex Hotel
  2. Cubana Leisure Outfits
  3. Pablo Cubana
  4. Grand Cubana hotel
  5. Cubana Night Club
  6. Gustavo Cubana
  7. Opium Cubana
  8. Bubble and Hussle
  9. Odugwa biter drinks

According to our team the above mention business are the only business the Obi Cubana has and according to the calculations that our financial expert has conducted these business worth $100 Million which is a huge amount of money.

With $100 Million Business you can have an annual income of $50 Million which is also a huge amount of profits. Now that we have known how much Obi Cubana business worth its time we make an ending to this content by telling his net worth.

Obi Cubana Net worth 2023

Obi Cubana net worth is estimated at around $150 Million (N70 Billion Naira) he is the founder of the popular business organization “Cubana Group”

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