Mary Uranta Net worth

Mary Uranta is a Nigerian actress, model and also a film producer she is among the successful actresses in the Nollywod industry; she has a lot of reputation in every corner of the nation.

Mary Uranta has worn the heart of millions not just in Nigerian but also in some African countries like; Ghana, south Africa and Uganda.

There is no doubt that Mary Uranta is among the beautiful actresses in the Nollywood industry, wherever the mention the top 10 beautiful Nollywood actress there must be Mary Uranta name.

A lot of fans are  curious about Mary Uranta net worth, many people in Africa wants to know how much does this beautiful star makes from what she does.

Well when it comes to net worth Mary Uranta  isn’t that rich as you might think but she has a better life just like many other actresses. In this blog post we are going to evaluate all of Mary Uranta earnings and we are going to say her net worth.

Net worth$15,000

Mary Uranta biography

Just like any other actress before we dive into their net worth we first need to take a look at their family background and their lifestyle.

Mary Uranta was born and raised in the city of  rivers state in Nigeria, the cute lady graduated from the university river state university of science and technology, Mary Uranta have always kept her personal life private and on one can say why she does that.

Even her profile on Wikipedia her date of birth is missing, Mary Uranta started her entertainment career as a model, her beauty help her in her modeling career she once contested for miss Niger delta.

Likes said earlier in this context we are going to calculate Mary Uranta earnings starting from the money she makes In the Nollywood movies industry to the money she makes from endorsement deals.

So let’s jump into Mary Uranta net worth

Mary Uranta Nollywod earnings

The major way by which every actress makes money is through the money they make from acting movies and also the money they gets from endorsement deals.

So to know Mary Uranta net worth we need to include all of the money she has been making from the movies she has been acting in the Nigerian movies industry.

We have contacted different site owners regarding the movies that Mary Uranta have acted  In the years of her career and we found out that she has acted the total number of 7 movies.

Both her IMDB and Wikipedia profile shows that she has acted the total number of 7 movies, so if we are going to make a rough estimate of how much did Mary Uranta make from these 7 movies it will be an estimated income of $15,000

And it totally make sense because according to a source on the internet it was reported that Nollywood actress make anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000  per movie depending on the role given to them.

And base on the information provided the net worth could be accurate because according to her profile on Wikipedia it was reported that she joined the Nollywood industry in 2006 and she doesn’t focus a lot on acting.

So now that we know how much did she make from the movies she has been acting, let’s check how much cash she made from the endorsement deals she gets.

Mary Uranta Endorsement deals

We have made several researches on Mary Uranta endorsement deals and we couldn’t find any, in fact we even search for a news  on a magazines that was publish 7 years ago yet we couldn’t find any information about her endorsement deals.

This clearly shows that Mary Uranta haven gotten any endorsement deal in the years of her career and we believe it.

Only 20% out of 100% of Nigerian celebrities get to bag an endorsement deal Mary Uranta falls under the 80% that haven’t gotten endorsement deals in the years of her career.

With the provided information above we can be able to predict Mary Uranta net worth, so let’s make an ending to this content by telling Mary Uranta net worth

Mary Uranta Net worth 2021

Mary Uranta net worth is estimated a round $15,000 (N6 million) and it totally make sense because she didn’t get to bag any endorsement deal in the years of her career.

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