Kenny Blaq Net Worth

Kenny Blaq is a Nigerian comedian and also a  content creator he is among the most successful Instagram comedians in the country of Nigeria he has worn the heart of a countless number of men and women.

There is no doubt that Kenny Blaq is an influential comedian, he is counted among the top 20 internet comedians in Nigerian, and he is super famous.

There are a lot of people that keep demanding Kenny Blaq’s net worth many people in the city of Lagos keep demanding Kenny Blaq Net worth on the internet.

Well, Kenny Blaq isn’t that rich as you might be thinking, he is just a young comedian who is trying to earn a living from what he does, and besides, he isn’t counted among the richest Instagram comedians in Nigerian.

So let’s get to Kenny Blaq Net worth in 2021

Net Worth $22,000
Source of WealthEndorsement Deals

Kenny Blaq Biography

Before we dive into Kenny Blaq’s net worth let’s first look at this biography and entertainment career.

Otolorin Kehinde Peter who is famously known as Kenny Blaq was born and raised in the city of Lagos the veteran singer was born in 1992 right now he is over 28 years old.

Kenny Blaq is also among the oldest comedians in the country he has been acting comedy since 2008. Kenny Blaq has been in the Nigerian entertainment industry since the early 2000 but he hasn’t got his big break until 2018.

So let’s start calculating Kenny Blaq Net worth 

Kenny Blaq Online earnings

At times it’s very hard to know the real net worth of a comedian in Nigerian, whenever you search the net worth of a particular celebrity; you will see tons of results with different digits.

Here on this website make calculations before we declare net worth and that’s what makes us different.

sometimes you might be wondering how does Kenny Blaq makes money from what he doing, many people do ask that question, anytime Kenny Blaq uploaded a video on the internet and someone watches the video, he gets paid for that.

so to know Kenny Blaq net worth we must know all of his income from his YouTube channel, according to the research that we counted we found out that Kenny Blaq YouTube channel has a total number of 19 million video views and over 200,000 subscribers

And on average YouTube pays one dollar for each thousand video views, so if we are going to make a rough estimate of how much he makes from these video views it will be an estimated income. $19,000

Now that we have known his income from YouTube let’s check at his endorsement deal and see what we can find.

Kenny Blaq Endorsement deal

Another means by which Kenny Blaq makes his money is through the endorsement deals that he gets brands pays him a huge amount of money in exchange for the promotion of their brand

So to complete Kenny Blaq’s net worth we must know all of his income from the endorsement deal that he gets. According to old magazines on the internet, it was reported that Kenny Blaq has only been on endorsement deals and the brand with which he signed the endorsement deal is Trome Ville Investment.

If we are to make a rough estimate of how much did he make from this one endorsement deal it will be an estimated income of $3,000.

So let’s close this content by telling Kenny Blaq Net worth

Kenny Blaq Net worth

Kenny Blaq Net worth in 2021 will be an estimated at around $22,000 which is N11 million in naira also he is counted among the oldest comedians in Nigeria he started comedy since 2008

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