Jimi Jackson Net worth (2021)

Jimi Jackson is a New Zealand actor, comedian and also a YouTube star, he is counted among the well know YouTube stars in the country.

There is no doubt that Jimi Jackson has made a huge achievements in what he does, the young boy is an international sensation, he has worn the heart of millions of people not only in his country New Zealand but also across the globe.

Many people from different places in the world keep searching for Jimi Jackson net worth, they all want to know how much the YouTube star makes in what he does.

Well when it comes to net worth, Jimi Jackson is quit a rich man but he isn’t that rich as you might think. His name isn’t mention among the top 10 richest YouTube stars in the world.

Today we are going to determine Jimi Jackson net worth by simply evaluating all of his earnings

Let’s dive in

Net worth$699,000
SourceYoutube ads

Jimi Jackson Biography

Before we start evaluating Jimi Jackson net worth we need to look at his biography and family background so as to understand who he is.

Jimi Jackson was born and raised Auckland in New Zealand, the YouTube star was born on the 28th of December 1992 right now he is over 28 years old.

Jimi Jackson is best known for poking fun at kiwi culture, his content has attracts millions of views and the stunts have become financially lucrative for him.

Jimi Jackson didn’t get to have a standard education like other celebrities, there is no record of him attending or graduating from a college or university. Also Jimi Jackson is an introvert and he doesn’t allow the public to know more about his family and life affairs.

In this piece of content we are going to evaluate Jimi Jackson earnings and we are going to declare his net worth. Also bear in mind that this net worth that we are evaluating is based on the income that he makes from YouTube nothing more.

So let’s jump into Jimi Jackson Net worth

Jimi Jackson YouTube earnings

The major way by which Jimi Jackson makes his own money is via his YouTube channel. We all know that YouTube is a big streaming network that pays people for uploading their content.

YouTube is responsible for the success of many celebrities in the world, it doesn’t just serve as a network that pays you but it also serves a place where you can get discovered.

It’s a place where you showcase your talent in exchange of money, based on the rumors on the internet it was said that Jimi Jackson has made more than a fortune on YouTube.

Well it could be possible because YouTube pays huge amount of money to their content creators and the payment varies depending on the number of video views that you get on your YouTube channel.

So to determine Jimi Jackson net worth we need to know how much did he make from YouTube? We have made several researches regarding his income on YouTube and we are able to find something.

According to a page on the internet it was reported that Jimi Jackson YouTube channel has the total number of 1.1million subscribers and over 310 million video views.

According to same page they show that he has an estimated income of $699,000 from his YouTube channel.

To us the report make sense because on average YouTube pays anywhere from $0.002 to $0.005 per view depending on the nature of the video.

Now that we have known how much Jimi Jackson made from his YouTube channel it’s time we make an ending to the content by telling his net worth.

Bear in mind that this net worth that we evaluate is based on the money he has been making on YouTube and we believe YouTube is the only means by which he makes money.

Jimi Jackson Net worth 2021

Jimi Jackson net worth in 2021 is estimated at around $699,000 on average he make more than $50k monthly from the ads on his videos in YouTube. Also Jimi Jackson is considered among the successful YouTube stars in New Zealand he is an internatio

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