Broxh Net worth

Broxh is a New Zealand actor, YouTube star and also an internet sensation he is among the well-known internet celebrity in New Zealand.

Broxh content was being able to attract millions of people not only in New Zealand but also in many countries across the globe. There is no doubt that Broxh has achieved a lot in what he does.

There are many queries regarding Broxh net worth, many people across the world wants to know how much doe the twitch star make. Well when it comes to net worth Broxh isn’t that rich compared to other twitch starts and YouTube stars.

In this piece of content we are going to determine Broxh net worth by simply evaluating all that he makes from the internet.

Net worth$530,000

Broxh Biography

Before we start evaluating Broxh net worth we need to take a look as his lifestyle and family background. The internet hasn’t known much about Broxh and this is because he kept his life affairs private.

Broxh was born and raised in New Zealand  he was born on April 1970 right now he is just 51 years old.

Broxh is a wood craving streamer he made video of himself carving wood, some people even name him the “Rob Ross”

Broxh success came over night, the twitch streamer has able to raised almost a million followers within a month, some people even says he’s success on twitch was a coincidence.

Also Broxh is among the generous twitch user, he never accept any donations from his follower in fact he even discourage them to do so. But that doesn’t mean that Broxh doesn’t make money from what he does, he keeps on making money from the streams that he gets

Like said earlier in this content we are going to evaluate all of Broxh earnings and we are going to declare his net worth.

Also bear in mind that this net worth we are evaluating comes from the money he has been making from his streams on his twitch

Broxh Twitch Earnings

We all know that twitch pays it users for creating amazing  content just like YouTube, they put ads in your video and whenever someone watched the ads or click on the ad you get paid for that.

So the big question here is how much did Broxh made since the first day he appeared on witch?? Well the answer to that is anonymous because no one can say the exact  amount of how much did he made, we can only make a rough estimate.

In order to get Broxh net worth accurately, we contacted different sources on the internet and we have made several research, based on the research we conducted we found out a website called the social blade, they gave us all of his twitch analytics.

Based on the analytics, it shows that Broxh twitch channel has the total number of 1.3 million followers and over 5.3 million videos views.

Let’s calculate how much did he make from these 5.3 million videos views, according to a site on the internet it was reported that twitch users often get paid anywhere from $0.01 to $1 per view depending on advertisement brand.

So if we are going to make a rough estimate base on the result above 5.3 million video views on twitch will be an estimated income of $530,000.

With the information provided we can be able to tell Broxh net worth, bear mind that this is more of a prediction, we only evaluate what we saw on magazines and we declare net worth.

We declare net worth with prove.

Broxh Net worth 2021

Broxh net worth is estimated at around $530,000 he is counted among the generous twitch users, he doesn’t  accept donation from his subscribers and he even discourage them in doing so 

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