Bimbo Oshin Net worth

Bimbo Oshin is a Nigerian actress, former model and also a movie producer she is among the successful actresses in the Nollywood industry.

She has made countless number of achievements in the years of her career. Also Bimbo Oshin has gain the attention of many people not just in Nigerian, but also in some neighboring countries across the globe. Her life is an entire success.

There are a lot of query about Bimbo Oshin net worth, a lot of people across the globe wants to know exactly how much did she make from what she does.

Well Bimbo Oshin isn’t that rich compared to some actresses in the Nollywood industry, but she has a flamboyant lifestyle

In this content we are going to evaluate all of Bimbo Oshin earnings and we are going to declare her net worth, bear in mind that this net worth that we are providing is more of a prediction, we only evaluate what we know and we declare net worth.

Net worth $55,000
Source of MoneyActing and Endorsement

Bimbo Oshin Biography

Bimbo Oshin was born and raised in the city of Ondo state in the southwestern part of the country , she was born on the 24th of  july 1971 right now she is over 49 years old.

Bimbo Oshin is a graduate of university of Lagos, she studied philosophy, Bimbo Oshin started her acting career since 2012 she first started her acting career by acting Yoruba movies and later she switched to  English movies.

The internet haven’t know much about Bimbo Oshin biography and this is because she also kept her life personal, she never want to reveal anything to the public.

Like said earlier in this contact we are going to evaluate Bimbo Oshin earnings starting from the money she makes from the movies she has been acting to the endorsement deals she gets.

Let’s dive into Bimbo Oshin net worth

Bimbo Oshin Nollywood earnings

We all know that the Nollywood movie industry pays actors and actresses for acting movies; they get paid for every single movie they have acted in the movie industry.

So the best way to know Bimbo Oshin net worth is; we need to take a look of how much did she make from the Nollywod industry from the movies she has been acting.

Well based on the research made, we found out that according to her Imdb profile she have acted the total number of 21 movies.

So let’s make a rough estimate of how much did she makes from these  21 movies that she has acted, on the average the Nollywood industry pays actors and actresses anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 per movie depending on the role give to them.

So if we are going to make a rough estimate of how much does Bimbo Oshin makes from these 21 movies it will be estimated revenue of $45,000.

Well that’s much.

But this doesn’t mean that $45,000 is her net worth and is because she earn some extra cash from endorsement deals.

Bimbo Oshin Endorsemnet deals

Another means by which Bimbo Oshin earns extra cash is via endorsement deals, brands pay her million in exchange with the growth and promotion of their brand.

To conclude Bimbo Oshin net worth we need to include all the money that she has been earning from endorsement deals.

We have contacted several magazines on the internet and we found a huge useful information regarding Bimbo Oshin endorsement deals, according to the internet below are the list of brands that Bimbo Oshin have had endorsement deals with in the years of her career.

  1. Sparkling bee hair
  2. Guinness

According to the internet the two mentioned brands  are the only brands that Bimbo Oshin have had endorsement deals with in the years of her career, so let’s make a rough estimate of how much did she makes from these two endorsement deals.

According to a source on the internet Nigerian celebrity earn anywhere from $3,000 to $15,000 per endorsement deals depending on the popularity of the celebrity..

So of we are going to make a rough estimate of how much did she make from this endorsement deals, it will be an estimated income of $10,000

With the provided information above we can be able to predict Bimbo Oshin net worth, so let’s close the content by declaring her net worth.

Bimbo Oshin Net worth 2021

Bimbo Oshin net worth in 2021 is estimated at around $55,000 (N22 million naira) she once bag an endorsement deal with sparkling hair back then in 2020 she was be able to raised more than $30,000 in the years of her career in the Nollywoood industry.

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