Beverly Naya Net worth

Beverly Naya is a Nigerian actress, film maker and also a script writer she is among the well know actress in the entertainment industry.

There is no doubt that Beverly Naya has an endless talent when it comes to acting movies, her acting performance have made her a lot of cash and have also brought her millions of fans across the globe.

There are many people that keep asking for Beverly Naya net worth, many people want to know how much the young lady has in her bank account.

Well when it comes to net worth no one can tell how much does Beverly Naya makes or how much does she has in her bank account we can only make a rough estimate.

Our site is famous for predicting and evaluating net worth so in this piece of writing we are going to evaluate Beverly Naya net worth

Net worth$70,000
Soure of IncomeActing & Endorsement Deals

Beverly Naya Biography

Before we dive into Beverly Naya net worth we first need to take a look at her family background and lifestyle

Beverly Naya was born and raise in London but her parent are native to Nigeria the veteran actress was born on the 17th of April 1989

Beverly Naya is a graduate of Roehampton University she study script writing and film making, in an interview with Beverly Naya she stated that “she came back to Nigerian because of the opportunity she saw in the Nollywood movie industry”

The veteran actress starting acting movies in the Nollywood movie industry since 2008 right now she has over 10 years’ experience in the movie making industry.

In this particular content we are going to determine Beverly Naya net worth by simply evaluating all of the movie that she makes in the entertainment industry starting from the money she gets from producers to the money she make from endorsement deals

Let’s dive into Beverly Naya net worth

Beverly Naya Nollywood earnings

Sometimes it’s very difficult to say the actual net worth of many actresses in the Nollywood movie industry and this is because many websites on the internet keep giving false information.

Most websites give net worth without making any evaluation or without showing any prove to their audience and that’s what differentiate us with them.

Here on Naija Net worth we declare net worth with prove, so let’s evaluate Beverly Naya net worth. The header said Beverly “Naya Nollywood earnings” so in a nut shell we are going calculate all of the money that Beverly Naya has been making in the Nollywood industry.

First we need to check all of the movies that Beverly Naya has acted in the Nollywood industry and see how much did she makes from each of the movie.

Well based on the reasearvh made, we checked her IMDB and Wikipedia profile and we foundout that Beverly Naya have acted the totl number of 25 movies in the movie industry.

And according to a site on the internet, they claim that Nigerian actresses make anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 per movie depending on the role given to them.

So if we are going to predict how much did she makes from this 25 movies that she has acted it will be an estimated income  of $50,000.

Now that we have get the exact amount of money that Beverly Naya have makes in the movies she has been making lets go to her endorsement deal and see what  we can find.

Beverly Naya Endorsement deal

The two major means by which Beverly Naya makes money is via endorsement deals and the payment that she gets from the Nollywood movie industry.

To complete Beverly Naya net worth we need to find how much did she makes in total from the endorsement deals that she has been making.

We have made an extensive search regarding Beverly Naya endorsement deals and we are able to pick up something from the research that we have make. Based on our research below are the lists of brands that Beverly Naya has had endorsement deals with in her time in the Nollywood industry.

  1. Unbound Studio
  2. Keexs tribe
  3. Durex
  4. Lvie cosmetics

Based on the research that we have made this 4 brands are the only brands that Beverly Naya have had endorsement deals with in the years of her career.

She has collected millions of money from these contracts, so let’s see how much did she make from each of the endorsement contract.

According to a website they said Nigerian celebrities make anywhere from $3,000 to $15,000 depending on the fame of the actress.

If we are going to make a rough estimate of how much did Beverly Naya makes from this endorsement deal it will be estimated income of $30,000.

Now that we have known how much she makes from the movies she has been acting and also the endorsement deals that she gets its time to declare Beverly Naya net worth.

Beverly Naya Net worth 2021

Beverly Naya net worth in 2021 is estimated at around  $70,000 Beverly Naya once bag an endorsement deals with a sex protecting company which is popularly known as durex, Her life an entire success.

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