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Adam A Zango is a Nigerian actor, film producer and also a director, he is among the top influential celebrity in the northern part of the country. He has worn the hearts of millions of people in Hausa land in the north. Adam A Zango is also among the actors that started the kannywood industry in the northern part of the country.

There is no doubt that Adam A Zango has made a lot of achievement in his entertainment career, he has worn different number of awards in the years of his career.

Many of Adam A Zango fans are curious about his net worth everyone wants to know exactly how much does he makes from his job. In the post we are going to calculates all that he earns and we will declare his net worth.

Bear in mind that this net worth is more of a prediction, we evaluate all that he earns and we declare his net worth.

Let’s dive in

Net WorthN95 Million
Source of IncomeYoutube & Acting

Adam A Zango Biography and entertainment Career

Adam A Zango was born and raised in the city of Kaduna state, he was born on thw 19th of august 1985 right now he is over 35 years old.

Adam A Zango started his entertainment career immediately after he graduated from his secondary school, he first joined the movies industry as a music composer that is he joins the movie industry as a singer. He joined the kannywood industry since 2001, he has over 20 years’ experience in the movie making industry.

When it comes to making money, Adam A Zango made a lot of money from the acting business. He is probably among the top 10 richest actors in the kannwood movies industry.

Let’s dive into Adam A Zango net worth.

YouTube payment

One of the major way by which Adam A Zango makes his money s via  his YouTube channel, he get paid for every music video  and movie he upload on the internet. We all know that YouTube pays it users for uploading their videos, and they normally pay via advertisement they put ads in your video and whenever some watches or click on the ad you get paid for that.

So let’s check Adam A Zango YouTube channel.

Adam A Zango is among the celebrities that has the biggest YouTube channel in the northern part of the country. In 2019 he receives a creator award of hitting 100k subscriber.

Lets check how many video views does Adam A Zango has on his YouTube channel, according  to a source on the internet. Adam A Zango YouTube channel as the total number of 46 million views and 276,000 subscribers and the number keeps increasing every single day. On monetizing these 46 million views it will be an estimate revenue of $110k that’s N44 million.

Kannywood earnings

Another means by which every actor earn money is via the movies they make, they get paid for every movies that have acted and the payment varies. Depending on the role given to you.

Normally the kannywood movies industry pays anywhere from N200, 000 to N500, 000 depending on the role given to the actor. Let’s check how many movies did Adam A Zango acted in his entire career in the kannywood industry. According to his profile on Wikipedia, he has acted the total number of 89 movies, if we are going to make a rough estimate of how much Adam A Zango made from these 89 movies it will be an estimated incomes of N40 million Naira.

Endorsement deals

Another means by which every entertainer earns money is via endorsement deals, brands employ a celebrity to promote their brand and he get paid for that. We all know that brands million on endorsement deals, all of these millions goes to entertainers.

So does Adam A Zango has any endorsement deals in the yyears in his career??? Well according to all the sources on the on internet below are the lists of brands that Adam A Zango has had endorsement deals in the year of his career

  1. MTN
  2. GLO

These are the three brands that Adam A Zango has had endorsement deals with in the years of his career, so how much did he makes from these 2 endorsement deals?? If we are to make a rough estimate it will be an estimated revenue of N10 million.

Net worth Declaration

Adam A Zango net worth in 2021 is estimated at round N95 million which makes him among the top 10 richest people in the kannywood movies industry.

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